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Valiant 153M

GB-GRAM/GB-GRAM-M Interface Card


Receiver Testing On Demand

Valiant 153M is a GB-GRAM/GB-GRAM-M (GB-GRAM/M) interface card that allows the simultaneous operation and testing of a commercial- off-the-shelf (COTS) receiver and a GB-GRAM/M. Both receivers are powered and communicate using a single USB mini cable. By integrating a COTS receiver onto the Valiant 153M, users can perform cross-checks to determine if the military receiver is connected and communicating data properly. Both receivers communicate via the onboard USB mini or RS-232 serial connectors. The Valiant test fixture was designed to be nearly the same size as the GB-GRAM/M type I card.


Applications and Solutions

The Valiant 153M excels within valuable criteria for testing in lab and field test environments.





COTS Receiver


The integrated COTS receiver allows test engineers to confirm that their setup and receiver is properly configured. By observing the data output, engineers can know for certain that their antenna, power, and communication is successfully connected to the Valiant interface card. From there, cross-checks can be performed to make sure the military receiver is reporting the same data as the COTS receiver. The COTS can also act as another unit under test (UUT) during the field test.

It is slightly larger than the type I card so that the GB-GRAM/M can be fully placed inside the case. The Valiant 153M can be powered by a USB mini cable, or a 5V wall wart providing options for test engineers. Not only does the USB mini power the board and both receivers (legacy GB-GRAM) but it can also provide data communication for both the GB-GRAM/M and the integrated Ublox receiver. Finally, with one RF input, you can provide GPS signals to two receivers allowing for more UUT’s.


The proper operation of the two receivers can be examined using Orolia’s software suite, RxStudio. This software suite allows a user to communicate to the receivers simultaneously and visually examine their performance (C/No, SVs tracked, SVs used, LLA, time, code types, assurance, frequency, etc).


Case open from back
Case open from front
Case open from above
case closed from back
case closed from front

Click to download the Valiant 153M data sheet. 

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