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Orolia Defense & Security Collaborates with U.S. Government to Demonstrate Second Generation Beacon Technology

Orolia Defense & Security announced today that it has successfully demonstrated Second Generation Beacon Cospas-Sarsat signaling capability with its Personnel Recovery Device over the Cospas-Sarsat network...


Orolia Defense & Security Adds New Simulator to BroadSim Product Line

Orolia Defense & Security has added a new simulator to its BroadSim Product line. Powered by the Skydel Simulation Engine, BroadSim Solo brings advanced GNSS simulation to every engineer's desk at a remarkably affordable price point, offering software-defined features and benefits...


U.S. Army’s Sentinel A4 Radar Program Receives Orolia M-Code Solution

Lockheed Martin selected Orolia’s SecureSync M-Code solution for the U.S. Army’s Sentinel A4 system, an air and missile defense radar that will provide improved capability against dynamic threats. Orolia recently delivered their solution, marking another key milestone for the program...


Orolia’s GNSS Simulators Now Support an Ultra-Low Latency of 5ms

Orolia recently announced the launch of its Real-Time Performance capability that achieves an ultra-low latency of five milliseconds. The latest advancement from Skydel utilizes software-defined advantages to deliver limit-defying real-time performance.