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Resilient Position, Navigation, and Timing in a Single Card

CPNT fuses GNSS, inertial measurement, and high-performance timing oscillators with GNSS jamming and spoofing detection and CRPA/AJAS antenna compatibility in a flexible, configurable device to provide PNT assurance in threat-filled environments.

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A navigation system, master clock, and network time server for CMOSS-compliant systems. Ready for integration

into a variety of CMOSS-compliant chassis.

What is CMOSS? Learn more here.

Key Features

  •  M-Code Ready Secure GPS

  •  Precision Clock (CSAC, OCXO)

  •  IMU

  •  Signals of Opportunity

  •  FlexFusion Engine

  •  GNSS Receiver

  •  BroadShield Threat Detection

Accurate in All Conditions

  • Multi-Constellation GNSS capability

  • High performance internal time-base and inertial sensor to manage potential loss of GNSS

  • GNSS time and frequency source with NTP/PTP time server

  • Integrate future PNT signal sources

  • GNSS spoofing and jamming detection


  • Highly versatile and software configurable

  • Network sync, set-up and management

  • Easy CMOSS Integration

  • Compatible with external IMU’s

  • VICTORY compliant

  • Low phase noise oscillators

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 Powered By The FlexFusion Engine

CPNT has a plug and play architecture powered by its FlexFusion® sensor fusion engine and is designed for easy in-field-upgradability. FlexFusion combines complementary PNT signals, meaning superior PNT accuracy without resorting to the traditional brute-force, high-cost IMU approach. CPNT minimizes size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) by combining PNT functions normally achieved through multiple independent subsystems.


Recognized as top-5 technology capability

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