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About Orolia Defense & Security

Learn where it all started. See where we are today.

About Orolia


Founded in 2006, Orolia became the world leader in Resilient PNT in just a few years, as one of the few global providers of precise, rugged and reliable Positioning, Navigation, Timing (PNT) solutions that are critical for governments, military, aerospace, and defense markets. With a team of over 350 people, Orolia's success is rooted in a shared culture that includes entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, operational excellence and a high level of customer service.

About Talen-X


Talen-X traces its roots to 2016 after 10 founding employees, all who possess career-long expertise in PNT and GNSS, recognized significant gaps in the marketplace. Tired of stagnation in the industry, along with tools and equipment that fell short of their needs, they started to create their own solutions in order to accomplish their work. In doing so, they realized the opportunity to help engineers like themselves work faster and better. What started as a way to overcome these limitations, was the catalyst for the products and cutting-edge solutions offered by Orolia today.

Becoming Orolia Defense & Security


In early 2019, Orolia Defense & Security spun off as a separate entity from its parent company Orolia, with the mission of providing resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions and custom engineering services to U.S. Government agencies, U.S. Defense organizations, and their contractors. 


In August of 2019, Orolia Defense & Security acquired Talen-X, a U.S. company specializing in advanced GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Simulation solutions and Interference, Detection, and Mitigation (IDM) technologies. Talen-X's portfolio was an ideal fit and has helped to enhance Orolia's overall offerings. The acquisition enabled Talen-X's existing resources, operations and capabilities to be scaled and accelerated to better support the warfighter. Read the press release here.

Orolia Defense & Security operates as a proxy-regulated company, Free of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI). As such, Orolia Defense & Security is approved to work on the full spectrum of U.S. Government classified and unclassified projects and is positioned to support strategic partnerships in the development of key PNT technologies for the defense market.

Changing The Game


With agile principles applied, our team is able to produce rapid prototypes and innovate quickly to meet the needs of the warfighter, whereas some competitors haven't changed the fundamentals of their technology in years. Until now, lack of competition has allowed these other companies to keep selling obsolescent technology, accompanied by a high price tag. Orolia is steadfast in its research and development efforts, staying ahead of the competition and even more importantly, ahead of our nation's adversaries. Change is overdue and Orolia is leading the charge.

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